Ngũgĩ wa Thiong’o a Barcelona

Barcelona, CCCB (Kosmopolis), 11/05/2017


Colonialism: Negation of a (our) cognitive system.
Knowledge begins where u are.
That knowledge is power.Your body is the starting point of everything.
Colonialism makes you doubt your own body.
Colonial education / policies erase names, skin colour, bodies, languages, history, geography, etc, -> One’s own valid starting point in connection with the world. Colonialised people look to Europe for validation.
When u start from yourself every experience is new, if you start from someone elses starting point youre only copying him/her.
Uniqueness must interact with the new to bring forward new things to what you already know
One’s abilities, dreams, ambitions, must come from the self and should not be erased from the self
Decolonising is the negation of the negation process of colonialising.
Our languages are valid starting points.
We can reach the stars from wherever we stand.
Our languages are valid sources of knowledge
There aren’t languages that are more language (more valid or important) than others.
No linguistic hierarchy – network better
All languages are treasures of beauty
Violence against your own language to learn a different/foreign language
I want to connect with the world, i dont believe in isolation
I learn from my base and bring that knowledge back to my base
Global human culture -> sum of languages and knowledges
There’s no language which is more of a language than another language
Monolingualism monoxid (of culture)
Plurilingualism oxigen (of culture)
To know your own language is empowering.

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